These one of a kind handpainted ceramics are a collaboration between Amado Peña

and California ceramic artist, Rich Lopez. 

Rich is a native born Southern Californian.  His love for ceramics began when he was

introduced to clay while in elementary school.  Over the years, Rich has developed his

creativity, originality and vision. 

Rich believes in the healing power of clay and will spend days carving his soul into the

landscape of the clay.  Many of his ideas are driven by Native influences and the beauty

of the woven basket. 

Rich's art has been displayed in several galleries thoughout the Southwest.  He has

collaborated with Southwest artist, Amado Peña and they have been featured artist at

the American Musuem of Art in Pomona, CA. 

All of these pieces are also carved on the back.  If you are interested in a piece and would

like a photo of the back, email June at the Peña Gallery




CLP14-014   16 1/2"   

$450.00 plus $35 shipping






LP25    16"

$450.00 plus $35 Shipping