Listing Agreement:

1.  Peña Gallery will list your artwork for sale on our website for a period of one year.  

2.  The artwork will have an asking price (optional) (shipping price optional)...

     location of artwork and date listed. 

3.  When a buyer is interested in purchasing, the email contact for seller is included

      in the listing.  Any negotiations regarding price and/or shipping are the seller/buyer


4.  Seller will provide good quality photographs of artwork with or without

    framing.  Email photos (AS ATTACHMENTS) (jpg - please) to

5.  The charge for listing artwork on website is $175.00 a year.  This is a

    flat charge and no commission on the sale will be taken.


6.  The Peña Gallery is not responsible for care or condition of any artwork

     listed nor any damage during shipping. 

7..  The one year schedule will start once the artwork posted.

8.  The Peña Gallery will also actively promote the "Art Resale" section of our website. 

Execution of the payment is your agreement to these terms and conditions.




If you have any questions, please email June at