Amado M. Peña, Jr.


*In the printing of a lithograph, the artist draws on a surface with a greasy

substance.  The surface is usually a specially prepared stone or a metal plate.

Once the drawing is complete, the surface is treated or "etched" with an acid

solution.  The etch creates two separate areas: the non-image area which

attracts water, and the drawn image area which attracts ink.  When the

etching process is complete, the printing may begin.  The printer covers the

matrix roller with a fine layer of water and proceeds to ink the image.  A

roller  is covered with ink and rolled over the image.  The non-image side

repels the ink while the image side retains the ink.  Paper is placed over the

image and it is printed on a press under pressure.  The paper is removed and

the process begins again with the application of water and ink.


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3019 - OLLA DEL VENADO (1984)          

Image: 34" x 26"                                       

Paper: 34" x 26"






  3024 - ELEGANTES - STATE I   (1982)

  Image/Paper Size - 21 3/4" x 30"






3028 - DOS OLLITAS - STATE II (1984)        

Image: 34" x 26"                                               

Paper: 34" x 26"   





3030 - ZUNI                         (1985)                   3031 - PASEO DEL VALLE  (1985)

  Paper/ Image: 26" x 34"                                 Paper/ Image: 26" x 34"







         3034 - OLLA NEGRA - (1985)                 

                   Image: 26" x 10"

                    Paper: 26" x 10"    





3036 - LA BLUSA ROSA - STATE I  (1985)

Image: 10" x 26"

Paper: 10" x 26"



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