POSTERS - 1983

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Kemper Galleries -             SOLD OUT                        "Cultura"          Goldwaters          SOLD OUT

Colorado Springs, CO



Yaqui in Palm Springs                     SOLD OUT                     Santa Clara - National Chicano Art Exhibition      

 Adagio Gallery - Palm Springs                                                 Ford Gallery - Eastern Michigan University     20" x 26"                                                                                                                                                                                                





             Vail Institute for the Performing Arts           Santa Fe Festival of the Arts

                                  SOLD OUT                                                                                 SOLD OUT


El Metate               SOLD OUT                                         Cinco de Mayo Festival - Austin, TX   SOLD OUT



ET-186 Byrne Getz Gallery - Aspen, CO                            ET-19  Santo Domingo - Canyon Gallery

30" x 23"   $40.00                                                                              Ft. Lauderdale, FL          SOLD OUT





ET-20        El Metate   - Houshangs Gallery                  ET-21 - Artesano y Valle - American West

  Image Size: 20" x 26"                      SOLD OUT                  Chicago, IL               SOLD OUT




ET-22  Seis Bonitas                                ET-23   El Pintor                                           ET-24   La Blanca

Greer Gallery, Beaumont, TX        El Taller Gallery - Taos, NM                 The Maricopa Foundation for

SOLD OUT                                                    SOLD OUT                                                          Community Colleges   SOLD OUT



"AZUL"            SOLD OUT                                  ET-25  Familia Seis                              ET-27  Mestizos        SOLD OUT

                                                                                          United Cerebral Palsy Benefit     Su Clinica Familiar

                                                                                          Phoenix, AZ    SOLD OUT                Harlingen, TX


ET-26 - Mercado de Santa Fe               SOLD OUT           ET-28   The Squash Blossom Gallery

Peña Indian Market Poster                                                      10th Anniversary           SOLD OUT



ET-29  Olla Elegante       SOLD OUT                    ET-30  Cosecha - El Paso Museum of Art

Kokopelli Galleries                                                        SOLD OUT

Albuquerque, NM



ET-31    Dos Familias - Joan Cawley Gallery                      ET-32  Mujer de Taos  -  Creede Repertory Theatre

Wichita, KS                               SOLD OUT                                          SOLD OUT


ET-33  Hermanos de la Tierra                                              ET - 35  Tres Artesanos  -  The Albatross Gallery

Fiesta Caceria VIII                                                                         Boulder, CO                        32" x 2"  

Nuevo Santander Museum      Laredo, TX                        SOLD OUT         




ET-36  Dos y Canyon  - Jubilee of the Arts                          ET-37   Una Historia            SOLD OUT

Amarillo Art Center - Amarillo, TX      SOLD OUT          Americana Museum - El Paso, TX



ET-39   La Negra

International Art Expo - New York - 1983

Image 26" x 19"   Paper Size - 34" x 24"    $40.00





ET-40 Tesoros   -   Art Expo - Texas      SOLD OUT    ET-34  Coming Home                        SOLD OUT

                                                                                                                                      El Taller Gallery




ET-41  - Tres Tesoros     SOLD OUT                          ET-42 -  Dos y el Pueblo                                 SOLD OUT

The Image of Southwest Indian Pottery II      DagenBela Galeria - San Antonio, TX



ET-43  Olla de las Golondrina    SOLD OUT                 ET-44  Hermosa               SOLD OUT

Galeria Capistrano, San Juan Capistrano, CA          Kaufmann Galleries, Houston, TX



ET-45  Winter in Colorado                 ET-46  Para Los Ninos                         The Univ. of Texas at Austin

The Squash Blossom                              Benefit for Brackenridge                   George I. Sanchez Centennial

SOLD OUT                                                       Hospital Pediatrics    SOLD OUT   Endowment Fund    SOLD OUT




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