POSTERS - 1986



 ET-68 Hopi: El Entayador   SOLD OUT                                   ET-69 After Maria - San Ildefonso

  Image Size: 18" x 24"                                                              Adagio Gallery - SOLD OUT



ET-70  Patrones   SOLD OUT                     Austin TX Sesquicentennial  SOLD OUT

Joy Tash Gallery - Scottdale                       City of Austin, TX


ET-71  El Homenaje     SOLD OUT                       ET-72  Cosecha                   SOLD OUT                     

San Antonio, TX                                        International Fiesta  and Mexican Food Cookoff



ET-73 Celebramos          SOLD OUT                 ET-76   Tesoros         Indian Market - El Taller

Spring Arts New Mexico                                     SOLD OUT



ET-74 - Las Dos Fiestas    SOLD OUT                ET-75  Danza de Noche           SOLD OUT

Laguna Gloria Art Museum                                Galeria Capistrano - San Juan Capistrano



ET-77  La Cuentista         SOLD OUT         ET-78  Los Quince        SOLD OUT

El Taller Gallery - Austin, TX