POSTERS - 1991 



ET-107  Colcha Series: La Tejedora                  ET-108 Colcha Series: Familia de Hoy

Adagio Galleries - Palm Springs                        March of Dimes - Walk America  

SOLD OUT                                                      SOLD OUT



ET-109  Olla Series: Majestuosas                            ET-113  La Ventana

El Paso Community College     SOLD OUT            Joy Tash Gallery - Scottsdale               SOLD OUT





POSTERS - 1992                    


Mis Cuentos                       SOLD  OUT                     ET-104   La Cosecha                               

International Bilingual/BiCultural                               Santa Fe Wine Festival      Poster Size: 19" x 25 1/2"

Education Conference                                                $40.00 plus $10 shipping




ET-110  Colcha Series: Celebramos     SOLD OUT             ET-114  Mestizo Series: La Madona  SOLD OUT

US/Mexico Border Health Assoc.                                        March of Dimes Walk America

                                                                                       Limited Edition of this is available (L-1513)



ET-115  Hermanas de la Tierra             SOLD OUT               ET-116   Mestizo Series: Tres Hermanas          SOLD OUT

Kansas City Indian Market and Southwest Showcase               El Taller Gallery - Santa Fe - Indian Market



ET-139   Mestizo Series: Artesanos del Pueblo                                          ET-140  Mestizo Series: Los Del Valle             

              Image Size:  16" x 20"   $40.00   plus $10 shipping                      Image Size - 16" x 20"    $40.00 plus $10 shipping



POSTERS - 1993


ET-69 (Reprint) After Maria: San Ildefonso        SOLD OUT              ET-118  Mestizo Series: El Broche y Olla

National Assoc. for Bilingual Education                                             SOLD OUT



ET-119  Mestizo Series: Familias Mestizas                     ET-120 Mestizo Series: Mujer, Bisonte, y Acoma Con Valle

SOLD OUT                                                                 Image Size: 23" x 16"             $40.00 plus $10 shipping



"Good Taste in Art"          SOLD OUT         ET-121  MS: Madona del Pueblo      $40.00 plus $10 shipping

Futures for Children                                    Image Size: 32" x 22"